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About Zan

Zan is an artist and writer who draws inspiration from her favorite fiction series in television, film, video games, books, comics and other sources. Her illustrations start as rough pencil sketches that evolve into detailed pencil or ink drawings. After being scanned, they end up as digital art with color, shading, special effects and finishing touches.

She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design at Colorado State University. She was a merchandiser at Walt Disney World in Orlando, first at EPCOT and later at Hollywood Studios. In addition she’s been a bookstore clerk and barista. Currently she works for a premier escape room in Anaheim.

She’s a cosplayer who enjoys sewing her own costumes and designing specialty bags. Zan (aka Susanne) loves dogs and is a vegetarian. She’s an avid reader, and she creates teas with accompanying artwork at Adagio.

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